Russian aggression affects the nervousness of our country

On Monday, August 28, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala expressed concern about the threats posed by Russia’s foreign policy, and also stressed the need to continue supporting Ukraine, Politico media reported.

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“The consequences of Russian aggression are varied and to some extent also affect the nervousness that we experience in our country,” Fiala said during a meeting with Czech ambassadors, local media reported. “The chances for a quick resolution of the conflict turned out to be small and are getting smaller and smaller,” the prime minister stressed, referring to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

A big threat to the Czech Republic is not only Russia, but also China, which is closely following the Kremlin’s war against Ukraine in order to use it in its own interests, Fiala told the ambassadors.

He also stressed that Russia’s war against Ukraine could lead to “toughness” and a “frozen conflict.” Political cooperation with allies such as NATO and the European Union (EU) is essential. Fiala stressed that further military and civilian assistance, as well as plans to rebuild Ukraine after the war, will also play an important role.

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