Russia releases video of ambush on Ukrainian military convoy

The Russian military released drone footage showing a missile strike that destroyed a train carrying Ukrainian weapons.

“An attack on an unloading station near Dorozhny in the Donetsk People’s Republic destroyed a Ukrainian military train,” the Russian Defense Ministry said today, accompanying a video of the ambush allegedly called ground-to-ground.

Russia releases video of ambush on Ukrainian military convoy

In a video released on August 29, a Ukrainian train loaded with weapons was attacked by Russia. Video: Russian Defense Forces

According to the report, a Russian intelligence unit located the train moving towards the unloading station and relayed the location information to the missile crew. As a result of the strike, 30 Ukrainian soldiers and 10 combat vehicles were destroyed.

The Russian Defense Ministry also reported that Moscow forces also raided and destroyed an ammunition depot of the 93rd Ukrainian motorized rifle brigade near the village of Druzhkovka, Donetsk region.

Ukrainian officials did not comment on this information.

Location of Dorozhnoye village, Donetsk region.  Graphics: RIV

Location of Dorozhnoye village, Donetsk region. Graphic arts: RIV

Russia is stepping up raids on Ukrainian territory, apparently to disrupt the supply chain and equipment for the counter-offensive campaign that Kyiv has been waging for more than two months. Many attacks were directed at weapons and ammunition depots, oil storage facilities and industrial enterprises of the Ukrainian army.

Russia also released on August 17 a video of the destruction of a Ukrainian army ammunition train at the Mezhevaya station in the Dnipro region.

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