Run for this high-end Samsung QLED Smart TV at a minimum price

Samsung is on the way to eliminate LCD TVs from its offer of 4K models. Currently, the cheapest QLEDs have reached almost the price of LCD models, and by 2021, the company planned to stop offering LCDs. the descent of QLED price continues to leave us surprises, as one of the best models with local dimming at minimum price.

within the QLED TVs several aspects must be differentiated depending on the range of TV that we buy. One of the most important aspects is the local dimming. This technique allows the TV to turn off its LED backlighting in zones, of which there are typically hundreds of zones.

Local dimming: the QLED fight for pure black

Thanks to this, deeper blacks are achieved, since in a traditional LCD or a QLED without local dimming, the rear panel is fully illuminated; even when seeking to display the color black. Thus, in these situations, the black color is actually grayish, since the rear LED panel does not turn off, but rather seeks to block the maximum amount of light with the LCD panel or from Quantum Dots what’s ahead And always some light escapes.

Local dimming also saves energy on the television, as well as offering a higher level of brightness in lighted areas. Although this allows it to get closer to OLED, and even improve it in brightness level, it also has other drawbacks, such as the Blooming. This effect is generated around illuminated content if, for example, it is surrounded by a black background, such as a candle at night. The more local dimming zones the television has, the less it will be noticed.

Q80A: the cheapest QLED with local dimming

For this reason, Samsung has QLED with local dimming, offering models with hundreds and even thousands of zones, such as Neo QLED. In today’s offer we find the QE55Q80AATXXC, the cheapest QLED model that sells, reduced Samsung with local dimming. It has a maximum brightness of 600 nits, Quantum HDR 5000, and HDR10+ and HLG support.

Samsung Smart TV 55Q80A

This 2021 model features resolution 4K and a size of 55 inches. It incorporates a native 120 Hz panel and HDMI 2.1 connectivity in one of its ports, making it ideal for use with a console. At the level of wireless connectivity, we find Bluetooth 5.2 and WiFi 5.

The Q80A has VRR and ALLM, as well as having Tizen 6.0 as operating system. In addition, it has DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 tuners. Speaker power is 60W total, with a 20W subwoofer, and four speakers totaling 40W. With this, we have all the frequencies covered, and we can even afford to do without a sound bar.

Its price on MediaMarkt during the Offer Web Week is €849.15, the lowest we have seen to date for this model. You can buy it at this link.

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