Rumor | Club América interested in a Mexican reinforcement to replace Jorge Sánchez

Friday, August 05, 2022

The most normal thing when a player is close to leaving a team, is that the institution begins to sound out a possible reinforcement that covers that area, because as much as the squad is vast, players who compete internally are needed to earn ownership. That is why in the America club They would already be looking for a replacement for Jorge Sanchezwho according to the latest reports, is a fact that will wear the colors of the Ajax for the coming season in Europe.

As reported by John Sutcliffe of ESPNthe Eagles they are looking for Julian Araujodefender of the LA Galaxy and National Team, to sign him and replace Sanchez. Taking into account that the only nominal side on the right that they have in Coapa In addition to Jorge, he is Miguel Layúneverything indicates that he still Angelino He would arrive as an immediate starter.

Araujo is one of the best in his position within the Major League Soccera 20-year-old element that shows a lot of promise in the Tricolor and that could be consolidated in the America to also go out soon to the Old Continent.

Would Julián Araujo count as a foreigner for Club América?

Let’s remember that for some years, the players are no longer labeled as Mexicans and foreigners, but as trained in Mexico and not trained in Mexico. So regardless of what Araujo have the nationality, will occupy a position of NFMoccupying the one left vacant Jorge Mere. In this case, he would not apply the same procedure that was carried out with the brothers. two saintssince they did begin their career in the country when they were children.

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