RSA and Activity Bonus: A Hidden Government Trick to Secretly Cut Your Aid

The rules of the game have changed, and they may very well turn against you if you use the RSA or activity bonus. There is a new reference to “net social sum” on payrolls. Far from being a minor change, this change risks cutting your help. Explanations.

Be careful: your payroll shows a change that could cost you dearly!

The administration decided: from July 1, an additional line appeared in your payroll called net corporate amount. This information seems technical, but it will affect the calculation of assistance such as Active Solidarity Income (RSA) And activity bonus.

In theory, this mention should make your life easier. Instead of calculating your rights yourself by deducting Social Security contributions from your paycheck, everything is automated. Simple, right? But you are not told that there is a price to pay for this simplicity.

The hidden face of the “net social sum”: has the recession affected you?

“The Devil is in the Details”

THAT net corporate amount includes much more than just your salary. This includes all in-kind benefits and other bonuses you may receive. We are talking about here “restaurant tickets, in-kind food allowance or pension contributions”. So many elements that will artificially inflate this amount.

Simply put, the higher this amount, the less you will be eligible for assistance. And therein lies the rub. It is likely that you will declare higher amounts than before, which may result in a reduction in your assistance.

Winners, losers: the government fails

If the games seem to be made for some, others may find their account. The government adviser assures us that“There will be winners, those who didn’t get anything because they didn’t ask and didn’t know their rights”. Some may discover aids they have always been entitled to without even knowing it.

The purpose of this change is to limit calculation errors and automate declarations. From now on, CAF and MSA will be informed directly by employers. But be careful: the flip side of the coin is that most beneficiaries may be downsized.

You have until 2024: here’s what you need to do

Let’s not forget that the reform gives recipients some breathing space. Indeed, the obligation to postpone net corporate amount on quarterly declarations will come into force only from January 1, 2024. Until then, it’s the status quo. But it’s only a matter of time. Be prepared because your monthly budget may take a hit.

Now the question is: what can you do? The first step is to check the details of this new mention on your payroll. Then do not hesitate to contact CAF or MSA for clarification on your specific situation.

“Net Social Sum” seems like an administrative simplification, but it is far from neutral for your portfolio. Recipients of RSA and Activity Bonus have reason to consider a possible downward revision of aid and a more automated system. If some see this as a godsend, others will have to tighten their belts.

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