Romantic Gesture: Bruno disappoints Bara and Carla’s intelligence.

On Wednesday, in the episode of Ulise, Bara, who spent her vacation in Japan, will return, Shimon will prepare a pleasant surprise for her and there will be a search for Carla…

Romantic gesture and good news

Yirka agrees with Shimon to help him prepare sushi for Val. Gabina from the fabric fair will also come to prepare. Valerie is delighted with homemade sushi, Shimon continues to surprise her with his offer. Next time, he will also go with her to visit Roman in the hospital.

Today Gabin has another interview with Sabina, in which he will try to convince her that the contract should be drawn up in the previously agreed version. The phone conversation with her went well.

Milena is experiencing another stress. This time Mr. Chestnut is to blame, who scares her with a plane crash. Radek calms her down, buys her a new suitcase and arranges travel insurance.

New job and disappointment

Iva is a little insecure about her new job, but everything is going great for her. Bara, who returned from Japan this morning, stops behind her. However, on the way from the bistro, she is unpleasantly surprised: she sees Bruno on the street with a bouquet carried by a bartender from Kramek. However, everything is not as it seems at first glance. The bartender left her the night before in Kuln, where she was on a date with her boyfriend.

However, in her eyes, everything looks different. In the afternoon, Bruno comes to work irritated. He doesn’t understand why he didn’t catch Baru at the airport. In the end, it turns out that the young bartender simply miscalculated the time due to the time warp.

Vacation preparations and fees

Carla and the boys are also going on vacation. He will fly to Bulgaria. Carla tries to find out from Mara what she will do when she is on vacation with the children. Mara also learns that Vojta is writing to Silva’s daughter Anetka.

On Thursday Eddie will see Tomasz, Bara will be surprised by Bruno, Silva will meet Mara, and Prokop will invite Magda to dinner…

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