Roman Reigns defeats King Woods via disqualification

Tonight WWE Tribal Chief Roman Reigns he solves the problems he has had with New Day in a match against King Woods where they want the other to kneel at the feet of the winner.

Tension between The Bloodline and New Day

The New Day has boasted after their victory against the Usos two weeks ago, on the latest Friday Night SmackDown show tribal chief Roman Reigns made a presence and he was very angry about what happened, King Woods and Kofi Kingston came to ringside to continue showing off their victory and making fun of The Bloodline, incidentally they launched a challenge of a fight with the stipulation that the loser would have to kneel at the feet of the winner, Since Jimmy Uso was responsible for the defeat last week he would face King Woods and if he lost he would kneel before him, otherwise the king would have to kneel before the tribal chief Roman Reigns.

When the moment of the fight came, Jimmy Uso gave the best of what he had, but despite taking out all his arsenal and having his brother Jey Uso supporting him, King Woods took the victory over Jimmy Uso, this means Jimmy has to abide by the stipulation and get on his knees, however Roman Reigns arrives to attack New Day, The Usos team up with the tribal chief to smash King Xavier and Kofi Kingston.

Roman Reigns vs King Woods

Due to these events, the fight is agreed for tonight on SmackDown with Roman Reigns going head-to-head vs King Woods where the loser will kneel before the winner, finally it’s time to watch the match and we see Woods fighting without the company of Kofi Kingston In a definitive one on one, at the beginning things go in favor of Woods who boasts of his cunning to dodge Reigns’ attacks, however things are balancing and both respond in the same way exchanging blow after blow, the two are close to victory but the count does not reach 3.

The Bloodline comes to the rescue

When it looked like Woods was going to take the win by diving off the third rope and landing a bionic elbow, The Bloodline comes to the rescue and they attack King Woods, after suffering a great attack by The Usos everyone realizes that the crown stayed in the ring and Jimmy and Jey proceed to do the unthinkable, the crown is placed on the head of Roman Reigns and the show ends with the audience booing Roman with the crown on.

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