Rolin Jones resurrects “Interview with the Vampire”

For those who are not too familiar with the scenes of Hollywood, with who really creates those television series and programs that end up stealing our hearts, the name of Rolin Jones (USA, 1972) will not tell you much. But his resume speaks for itself: Weeds“Friday Night Lights”, “Boardwalk Empire”, “Smash” or the latest and successful adaptation of “Perry Mason” bear his name. Now, this writer-producer, one of those Yale graduate wonder kids who, just out of adolescence, was already taking his works to the alternative scene on Broadway, attends LA RAZÓN from his home in Los Angeles to talk about “Interview with the Vampire”. From the original saga of books by Anne Rice, from the new series in which she adapts them for AMC and which will premiere in Spain on January 12 and, of course, also from that mythical 1994 film starring Tom Cruise, Brad PittChristian Slater or Antonio Banderas.

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