Rogelio Funes Mori, the striker who suffered rejection in Argentina and now also in Mexico

Rogelio Funes Mori was

Rogelio Funes Mori was “despised” by Argentina and today in Mexico they don’t want him either. (Photo: Omar Vega/Getty Images)

Rogelio Funes Mori changed chose Mexico over Argentina in hopes of succeeding on the international stage. He believed that his achievements in MX League they would assure him an undisputed affection for the people and a place in the Mexican teamToday, neither is a certainty.

The striker born in Mendoza, Argentina arrived in Mexico to reinforce the squad of Rayados de Monterrey in 2015. From then on, he did not tire of scoring goals and became the institution’s top scorer (139), above the mythical Humberto Suazo. He was naturalized and there was a time when his presence in the Mexican national team was desirable, but reality changed.

It is currently considered by Gerardo Martino in the calls for Tri, that is what could guarantee you a place; however, the fans are still not entirely convinced that he will be considered for the World Cup.

He is not lacking in love, earning the position as top scorer for a club like Rayados is no small thing, his legacy in Liga MX earned him respect and will always endure. Nevertheless, For many, this is not enough merit to represent Mexico in a World Cup..

In Mexico, the criticism of the 31-year-old striker has not stopped for some time now. Just as he has given geniuses and has helped his team win championships (like that Chilean against America in 2019), he has also had blunders that have deprived his team of growth, such as the missed penalty in the 2022 Apertura semifinals against Pachuca.

Not only that mistake was the trigger for the voices that demand it outside the Mexican National Team; in his appearances with the tricolor shirt he has not made a difference either.

Own Christian Martinolicommentator for Aztec TVhe pointed that Rogelio Funes Mori should not be in the final list of Mexico for Qatar 2022This after he was questioned whether or not he would criticize the Argentine.

His country of origin never claimed the twin’s goals as “his”. Argentina never went out of its way for Funes Mori. They lost nothing by letting Funes Mori go, there were more options on the waiting list. But in Mexico?

With the Argentina national team It was never a piece to be considered, it was rejected and when the opportunity arose, its participation was minimal. He only saw activity in lower categories such as the South American U-20 Championship in 2011, and in friendly games. He won’t even be a youth squad River Plate it earned him to be considered.

Rogelio Funes Mori was one of River's promises but he leftó  through the back door.  (Photo: Santiago Rios/LatinContent/GettyImages)

Rogelio Funes Mori was one of River’s promises but he left through the back door. (Photo: Santiago Rios/LatinContent/GettyImages)

In the South American country, his footprint was not pleasant. Although he showed glimpses of his scoring ability, he will be remembered as one of the architects of sending River to the second division in 2011. The teasing towards him reached an unthinkable point when They dedicated songs to him and even composed a complete song for him: “Lo erró” is the title.

The accusations pushed Rogelio to take therapy. “In River we went to see Marcelo Roffé, who had been a psychologist in the youth team, especially for what I had to live with, of being so criticized, so as not to collapse mentally. Ramiro (his brother of his) was also sad about what happened to me, and that hurt him a little, “he said in an interview with the Argentine media The nation.

That rejection in Argentina made him look for new horizons and he found them in Mexico, a country in which he gained affection but not enough. Today he seems like a public enemy who is attacked even if he is one of the few available pieces that exist. That affection that any striker dreams of receiving from the people he represents did not come from either of the two nations.

The Albiceleste has in its ranks Lautaro MartinezInter Milan center forward Julian AlvarezManchester City striker. the twin can’t compete with that.

He did not have the qualities to be a figure in a team that generates stars at every moment, and it seems that he does not have the material to be the benchmark in a team that is looking for leaders even under the stones.

In Mexico, the construction of idols is very simple, it takes little or nothing for someone to earn that privilege. And Funes Mori, even with the advantages and history behind him, has not reached it.


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