Rock doctors, or how the exhaustion of several toilets in the face of the coronavirus ended up in a musical group

The fight against the coronavirus at the Teknon hospital in Barcelona united them and music was his main escape valve in the face of pressure: this is how ‘Anna and the medical staff’ came about.

Even though it wasn’t his specialty, during the first wave of COVID-19 volunteers showed up to help out at his hospital. “We were under the orders of internal medicine doctors, lung, which is mainly what coronavirus patients suffer,” explains Josep Viladoms, urologist and guitarist

Pressure and fear took their toll, so they needed something to keep them on their feet. “We realized that, in addition to sharing the robe, we also we shared a love for music“, says Claudio Duek, surgeon, guitarist and voice.

Anna Sort, hospital administrator and vocalist, signed up. Also Claudio Brecciaroli, computer and battery. By the way, the only one unrelated to medicine, at least for now. “I have not started studying yet, but they are convincing me,” he explains.

With the improvement of the data, the trials arrived. “The first trials were with a mask, with some degree of fear too“says Francesco Pellegrinelli, urologist and bassist.

Finally, last friday they gave their first concert with a totally devoted audience. “Many know us and are now fans. We are very happy,” acknowledges Anna. Music, your best recipe against exhaustion from the COVID-19 pandemic

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