Roborock S7 Pro Ultra: price, reviews and features

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The world of robot vacuum cleaners is on fire. In recent years, the number of these devices has proliferated so much, which is already happening as with smartphones: practically everything comes down to how much you want to spend. Do you want a 100 euro vacuum cleaner? On Amazon you will see them kicking. do you prefer something more sophisticated? Well, probably the limit is what your portfolio can mark.

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind scratching your pocket for a pristine home, you’ll probably want to hear what we have to say about the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra, because if you want to have a clean space without lifting a finger, you probably won’t. there are much better robots out there to accomplish this tedious task.

little sacrifices

While the S7 Pro Ultra is a premium robot vacuum in every way, it’s not Roborock’s top-of-the-line model. This robot is a slightly lower version of what is today the jewel in the Roborock crown: the S7 MaxV Ultra.

Unlike the MaxV model, which incorporates a LiDAR navigation system, a dual RGB camera and Roborock’s ‘Reactive’ artificial intelligence system, the S7 Pro Ultra only includes a LiDAR system to be able to map your house and move around it. What does this translate to? Well, in which the S7 Pro Ultra is a little more clumsy when it comes to dealing with the obstacles that it finds along the way.

For example, if we see how the S7 MaxV and S7 Pro react to the same obstacle, you will see that one can visualize the object much earlier, thus avoiding a possible collision. If, for example, you leave some sneakers in the middle of the room, you could later discover the S7 Pro tangled in one of the laces. Even so, if you don’t have the floor of your house invaded by things, the S7 Pro will have no problem moving around. At the moment of truth, I have not noticed so much the difference between one and the other.

This is how the S7 MaxV Ultra deals with an obstacle.
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When it comes to power, this robot is a beast. The S7 Pro has a maximum suction power of 5100 Pa, numbers that double those of the previous generation of Roborock robotswhich only had 2500 Pa. Ok, this on paper may not tell you much, but it’s nice to have that power to suck up all the dust, crumbs and dirt that it finds in its path as it zigzags through your house.

The S7 Pro also includes the same ‘Vibrarise’ scrubbing system as its big brother. Unless you have stains on the floor that have been there since the Pleistocene, the mop should remove dirt from almost all surfaces. In fact, if you want to give a plus to cleaning your home, you can even use the cleaner that Roborock itself sells and that is compatible with the water tank of its devices.

Everything can be controlled from the intuitive Roborock app. From there you can define cleaning patterns, edit the map of your house, mopping modes and receive notifications push whenever the robot has finished a task or has run into an unexpected problem. You can also let the robot do an intelligent cleaning and raise its mop if it is going to go through a carpet in your house.

Some details of the complete Roborock app

Some details of the complete Roborock app
Image: July Cherry

It is worth spending 5 minutes to dissect the map of your home by rooms. This will make it faster to send the robot to clean certain areas of the house, although you can also define with your finger a specific area where you want it to go to vacuum/mop. Another excellent advantage derived from this is that if you have a smart speaker, you can tell it with just your voice which room it has to go to, and the S7 MaxV will obediently go there.

An off-road self-emptying base

Every time the S7 Pro finishes its cleaning tasks, it returns to its charging base. But this huge structure is not limited exclusively to recharging its batteries. The base will vacuum the robot’s waste tank (don’t be scared by the noise), empty its dirty water tank and refill it with clean water. In addition, thanks to the bidirectional roller that comes with the base, the robot mop will also be cleaned.

All these options mean that the maintenance you have to do is minimal and is reduced to three tasks: empty the dirty water tank of the base (it is recommended that you do it every two weeks at least), recharge the clean water tank ( something that you will have to do every 6 or 7 uses) and empty the dust container (you can last for many weeks without having to do it)

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Ok, I understand that 1050 euros is not a price within everyone’s reach. Wow, my salary does not give as for me to spend more than 1000 euros in vacuum cleaners. But if you have them and want to have the floor of your house spotless, the Roborock S7 Pro is a safe bet. It has more than enough power, a good mapping system, an emptying base that will do everything for you, and an app with a thousand different configurations. Ohwho had those 1050 euro…

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