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The metaverse has become an opportunity for companies to expand their traditional business. The Balearic hotel company Riu has been the first in the tourism sector to understand the need to be in this new environment and to exploit the possibilities it offers in the medium and long-term future.

For this purpose, he presented yesterday the version of the hotel Riu Plaza de España in Madrid in the metaverse, which makes it the first large tourism company to combine reality and digital recreation with a commercial vocation. “The metaverse is an evolution of the internet, with the particularity that it is somewhat immersive and not just a showcase. It is with this philosophy in mind that Riu has raised its presence in the metaverse to now offer what the user will like the most. There is no doubt that the metaverse is now an emerging tool with great potential that will be consolidated as the future of the digital presence of brands and people”, underlined the hotel company.

It is the first tourism company that shows its assets in this virtual environment

“Technology and creativity will allow us to continue designing experiences, entertainment content, virtual events and a multitude of ways of doing business. We’re not that far from being able to book in the metaverse with voice commands sent to a virtual receptionist. The virtual Riu Plaza España is a very valuable asset for the brand whose possibilities are only just beginning”, he said. Joan Trian Riu, corporate director of Riu.

Technological development has been carried out by The Undercover Agency, which emphasizes that the obsession was to undertake a project that did not seem like a simple showcase of images. “It is one of the best projects we have developed so far. The mixture of real image and digital design together with the possibility of going beyond being able to visit a suite or reserve it are profoundly innovative. Likewise, it has been possible to reliably reproduce such an iconic building for the city of Madrid thanks to having had, on the one hand, the architectural rehabilitation plans and, on the other, one of the most renowned builders in the AltSpace environment in the world. . Having achieved this level of playable presence for the Riu brand in this phase of the project makes us feel enormously satisfied”, he stressed. José Olivares, director of security for The Covert Agency.

Recreation is available at the web address http://www.altrv.com

As of today, anyone can enter the web address (www.altvr.com), download the application, search for the hotel with the code NTM491 and enjoy the immersive experience of the virtual Riu Plaza España. “Our obsession was not just to make a digital twin, but to create an immersive environment with three elements: a virtual receptionist working 24 hours at zero cost and that even allows us to reserve a room at any time of the day; Optimize the presentation of three different spaces of the hotel, such as the entrance lobby, the room and the roof terrace and live an immersive experience in which you can throw objects, drink a glass of champagne and even achieve unprecedented effects such as obtaining a 360-degree view from all over Madrid thanks to the height of the building or having the feeling of vertigo by adding layers of reality to them”, he assured Javier Pizarro, CEO of The Undercover Agency.

With an eye on corporate tourism

Business. One of the business lines of the Riu Plaza de España hotel is business and corporate tourism, thanks to the 17 meeting rooms it has, with a total capacity of up to 1,500 people. To this we must add the roof terrace on the 27th floor where company events are also held. “In subsequent phases of the project in the metaverse, one of the challenges will be to replicate all these spaces so that companies can experience them and understand the advantages of an asset located in the center of Madrid and connected to all major means of transport,” he stressed. Ricardo Luque, director of Riu’s urban business.

Events. Luque assured that another of the ways to grow in this segment is to take advantage of that video game identity to capitalize on concerts or large events. “The key is that there are people, for example, in Palma de Mallorca and that technology motivates them and allows them to live that experience in the first person”.

Reforms. Riu’s urban business director considered that the Plaza de España hotel will only be the first to be stripped bare in the metaverse. “A line of business to be exploited is to include in this virtual environment hotels abroad that have undergone ambitious and costly reforms so that customers of other hotels in the chain can be direct witnesses and be attracted to travel to those destinations.

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