Rihanna and her post-maternity fitness routine with which she stays healthy

This year, Rihanna gave birth to her first baby with her partner A$AP Rocky, who they recently introduced in a sweet video. However, we have to accept that the Diamonds singer has always sported a great body even shortly after her pregnancy. The secret?

We’ve found it, so whether you’re a fan of the superstar or not, keep reading because here’s the RiRi’s post-maternity fitness routine. Just in time for the start of 2023!

Rihanna’s exercise routine

According to one of her trainers, the businesswoman likes to mix her workouts with dance and martial arts. She is also a fan of squats and planks. In addition, goes to the gym 4 days a weekkeeping his heart rate at 80% and giving himself a well-deserved rest between series. This is how he does it week by week.


It is the day that RiRi does squats, step up, military press, plates and Romanian deadlift. Combine between 3 and 5 series of 10 repetitions each.

With these days a week, the actress exercises every part of her body after giving birth.



Rihanna use these days to do a little cardiobe it walking, biking, or even hiking, as well as actress Vanessa Hudgens.


His routine is usually very similar to Monday’s, only he adds jumping strideclimbers and press leg. In addition, the series are 3 with 20 repetitions each. Do you dare to try it?


This day dedicates time to mark your abdomen with a series of 32 repetitions of full squats, squats with torso rotations and three sets of planks for 60 seconds each.

Friday saturday and sunday

These are the days when Rihanna takes a well-deserved breakafter 4 days of strenuous exercise.

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