Reynoso would have been fired from Cruz Azul for asking for unnecessary luxuries



As the days go by after his dismissal as coach of the Blue Crossthe options to occupy the position of technical director of La Maquina continue to be explored, however, today some of the reasons were announced for which the sky-blue directive headed by Jaime Ordiales, decided to terminate the employment relationship with Juan Reynoso. At first it was believed that his lack of relationship with the sports director had been reason enough, but what was revealed today says the opposite.

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Everything seemed to indicate that the elimination in the Concacaf Champions League and in the Liguilla are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the coach who led them to win their ninth title after 23 years of drought, however, today it transpired that the high economic demands that the Peruvian put the board at the table, they were the straw that broke the camel’s back for his final departure. Reynoso requested bonuses for points and qualify for the league.

In addition, to direct the games, the coach requested brand-name clothing such as jackets or sweaters at exorbitant prices, an expense that the board considered excessive and unnecessary. In addition, it is believed that the bad relationships that he began to see in the locker room, more precisely with Rómulo Otero and Santiago Giménez, were the letters that the board considered sufficient to terminate the Peruvian’s management with La Maquina.

Juan Reynoso arrived at Cruz Azul in 2020 and seemed to be one of the best love stories between coach and team, however 18 months later, it turned out to be the opposite.

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