Returning to Randy Kjaernett, Lady Nyoan emphasized that there was no hatred for Syahnaz.


Randy Kjernett and Lady Nyoan decide to make amends and open a new page in their marriage. In the near future, they will also confirm their marriage as one of the conditions for improving family relations.

In this regard, Lady Nyoan admitted that she wanted to open a new page with her husband after reporting an affair, which resulted in the name Randy Kjaernett dragged out with Syahnaz Sadiq.

Lady Nayoan also ignored the situation with Shahnaz Sadiq, who allegedly did not apologize for the incident.

“Well, Randy and I, after solving the problem, agree to return. Thank God we are opening a new page again, so we closed the book with the old one,” said Lady Nayoan in the Trans TV building. , Jalan Kapitan P. Tendin, South Jakarta, Monday (August 28, 2023).

“So whatever is behind it, we are not going to close. What’s left behind, let’s leave it behind, let’s just move forward,” he continued.

The lady even firmly explained that absolutely no hatred should be expressed towards Shahnaz Sadiq.

“Oh, we announced a pardon. So let’s focus on the future,” said Lady Nyoan.

It was previously known that Randy Kjernett had an affair with Raffi Ahmad’s sister Shahnaz Sadiq. This issue has been raised by the public.

Now Randy Kjernett has decided to make amends and get back with his wife, Lady Nyoan, after this chaos has spread and brought his family to the brink of divorce.

Watch the video “Randy-Ladies deny reconciliation because they want to be with Jeje-Syahnaz


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