Responsibilities of a swim instructor

Our colleagues in Hanoi initially reported to the Hadong District Police that on the afternoon of August 22, class 9A1 of the Vietnam International School had a swimming lesson with a male swimming teacher. After he led the students to the pool, this person did not teach or guide, but sat on the front seat of the pool and talked on the phone so that the students could freely go down to the pool and practice. When a PGA male (15 years old) entered the pool and passed through a lifebuoy that prevented diving to depths of 1.2 m and 1.55 m, he struggled for about 3 minutes and then sank. It is noteworthy that when the incident occurred, the swimming teacher did not notice him. At about 2:05 pm the same day, the cleaners came to clean the pool and found that A. had died in the pool.

On the same day at a school in Nghe An, we also recorded a similar incident. A 7th grade student went to the swimming pool located on the school grounds, bought a ticket for swimming lessons, and then drowned.

Swimming training to teach students how to swim is the most effective way to prevent drowning. However, students who have not yet mastered the skills, have not mastered them, had to die right in the pool, which is very sad.

Through the two incidents mentioned above, swimming instructors and schools, as well as divisions, commercial institutions, management and operation of swimming pools, must be warned of the responsibility. The writer went to several school swimming pools and found that there was no truly safe place. Not only is it dangerous for a swimmer to fall into a deep area of ​​water, but where the water level is below the student’s height, it can also be a disaster if the cramps are unfortunately not detected and detected in time.

Safety is a top priority in swimming pools. This is the responsibility of swim instructors, lifeguards, pool owners and managers. Because just a minute of subjectivity, neglect will have to be exchanged for a human life.

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