Resolution Games CEO claims there are 5 million active VR users

Resolution Games has just presented its AR games division, but its CEO Tommy Palm has also made a statement about virtual reality and multiplayer games: his company estimates it in 5 million the number of active VR users.

At the beginning of VR it was very difficult, being a new platform, to make multiplayer titles, because there was not the necessary audience to meet other people. So the first games we released in 2016 were single player experiences, however we had in mind that we wanted to do multiplayer in the future. Now we already have 5 million users in VR, not for our game specifically, but in general as a market, “says Tommy Palm

Resolution Games published this year a multiplayer with which they have broken several records, Demeo, and they have continued to update another of their titles for which a significant user base is necessary on-line, Blaston.

Except for Sony, which made public the PlayStation VR sales, 5 million units sold in January 2020, no other headset manufacturer has provided real data to know what the number of VR headsets may be.

Andrew Bosworth, head of Reality Labs, said this summer that Oculus users would reach 10 million earlier than expected, and due to the recall of viewers due to problems with the facial, it was estimated that 4 million Quests had been sold. 2 only in the United States and Canada.

Steam’s monthly polls have always been an indicator of what the number of users with an active VR headset could be. In the one published this month the percentage was 1.85%, so taking into account that there are about 120 million active users on the Valve platform, those who used a VR viewer in October would be slightly more than 2 million.

Certainly in Resolution Games They will have data to affirm that there are 5 million people who use a VR viewer, a number that seems enough to launch new multiplayer titles. However, if that figure is real, it also means that there are a lot of scopes crammed into the drawer, or that some estimates were perhaps too optimistic.

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