Regrets in Platense: “We expect two goals to be able to react”

Despite equalizing a score that they lost by two goals, when Platense it was not enough and ended up giving the ticket to the quarterfinals of the Concacaf League to the Greens of Belizean soccer. Those led by Erick Dowson Prado lamented the lack of reaction that left them in Cuscatlán without qualifying.

After the match, Colombian Jhon Machado emphasized that “two goals had to be scored for them to react” and lamented the lack of punch for a team that left Cusca hurt.

“We waited for them to score two goals for us to react. That’s football and we gave everything to the last,” Machado said. He added that “it was an experience. It was a good game and things didn’t work out for us, it wasn’t how we wanted it,” commented the attacker who paved the way for the Virole├▒os to draw, which was not enough.

Platense prepared this campaign with the expectation of shining and competing in the international tournament after several decades outside the international arena. Not even the arrival of Erick Dowson Prado and an experienced coaching staff, in addition to the recent signings, helped the team to hit and move on to the next round of a tournament in which they would face Alianza, which is now the next rival of the Greens FC.

Machado concluded that “things did not work out nor were the results as we wanted.” Platense put an end to its season in the CONCACAF League with two draws that, due to goal difference, left it out of the regional competition. It’s time to think about the local tournament waiting for its resumption.


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