Reduce your stress this Christmas by following these simple steps

There is no doubt that the Christmas It is one of the most beautiful and special times of the year that we can experience. Meeting again with your family and loved ones, the preparation of almost endless lunches and dinners and, in the best of cases, gifts for the little ones and also adults.

But even so, this whole situation can also be reversed and can mean a headache that is hardly going to make us enjoy these weeks full of hope. A recent article from Institute of Health and Wellness from Finland related stress as one of the causes of dementia already in advanced ages, so it is a matter to take into account.

For this reason, we bring you some tips to try to cope with this Christmas in a healthier way on a mental level, to make us enjoy a few days with the family and to alleviate the tensions that may be generated.

moderation with food

It is well known that these dates, if they are characterized by anything, are the endless meals, full of the most varied dishes and that take us to an almost saturation point. Therefore, you have to find a balance and try to compensate with other lighter foods the rest of the days.

An example of these can be fruit, fish, nuts and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin or sesame, for example), foods that will help you fall asleep and reduce that feeling of heaviness.

Don’t forget the exercise

Despite the dates, in which the rest has to be longer than normal, we must also try to keep physical exercise in our routine, since it will help us feel happier with ourselves.

Try to organize these weeks in which there are more celebrations and meetings than normal, and find a time for physical activity, since your mind will especially thank you.

Take advantage of time with family

One of the greatest pleasures of these dates is being able to spend time with your family, in an environment of trust that will make you much happier. Take the opportunity to disconnect from the daily routine and spend this time surrounded by your people.

set a budget

We are possibly talking about one of the great concerns of people, causing stress that can be terrible for many families. Therefore, it is best to set a spending limit.

Organizing yourself in this way, you will be able to have a long-term forecast of the foreseeable expenses that may arrive, and thus avoid setbacks in the long run.

Beware of expectations

The Christmas season is always idealized in excess. In addition to the relevant holidays, one tends to imagine almost magical days, and despite the fact that they are, they must be treated with caution and with our feet on the ground.

It is very common for stress to attack on this side, so good organization and planning ahead of time will help everything go much smoother, and you can enjoy these days with your loved ones in the best possible environment.

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