“Recently I was in Phan Thiet, most of the hotels and restaurants were full on weekends, a very good signal for resort real estate.”

Speaking at the Conference on the situation, removing difficulties for the real estate market on the afternoon of August 3, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sun Group Dang Min Truong, the introduction of Resolution No. 33/NQ-CP was really needed and revived. In addition, Decree No. 10/2023/ND-CP repealed many statutes regarding construction work attached to land used for commercial purposes, in particular condo hotels, especially condo hotels, resort villas. Decree No. 35 / ND-KP, supplementing a number of articles in the field of management of the Ministry of Construction, strengthened the decentralization of powers to the people’s committees of provinces and cities of central subordination in the assessment of feasibility studies, design and construction competence … Thus, reducing many administrative procedures in the field of construction.

In the Sun Group business, we focus on tourism real estate. Thus, the chairman of the Sun Group found that there are 2 policies of the government and the prime minister that have a very positive impact:

The first is the Law on Amending and Supplementing Certain Articles of the Law on the Exit and Entry of Vietnamese Citizens and the Law on the Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam, which have recently been adopted and will come into force on August 15. However, thanks to communication work, many partners and accommodation companies predict a very high growth in tourism in the last 5 months of the year. In the first seven months of the year, we received about 6.6 million foreign visitors, which is about 83% of the target of 8 million visitors.

Secondly, the launch and opening of a number of transport infrastructure systems connecting tourist areas. This creates a driving force that promotes the development of real estate, services and trade. “Recently, when I was in Phan Thiet, most of the hotels and restaurants were full on weekends. This is a very good signal for tourism real estate and tourism in general,” said Mr. Truong.

Accordingly, the chairman of the Sun Group proposed the following three points: First, the government and the prime minister continue to explore and expand the list of visa exemptions for markets such as Europe and India.

Second, the Ministry of Transport will promote and upgrade international flights to bring tourists from key markets to Vietnam.

Third, continue to strengthen decentralization of authority, or propose to the National Assembly to decentralize authority for fields, experiment in some localities to transform the purpose of using rice and forest land in field buildings, decentralize authority for basic design, adjust local planning … and continue administrative procedures for investment and real estate licensing.

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