Rayados has already accepted an offer for César Montes from Russia

Monterey, Nuevo Leon /

scratched and César Montes are close to parting ways, after both parties have already accepted a juicy offer from the dynamo moscow of the Russian Leaguealthough there is still an issue to unlock for the transfer.

According to Willie González, both the Gang As the Puppy Already they said ‘yes’ to the Russian group, but due to the war that the country has with Ukraine, it has not been possible to transfer the money to Mexico.

I have an exclusive for you. César Montes has already agreed to leave. Monterrey already accepted the offer of the Russians. It is 10 million dollars. Montes is going to earn twice as much as here. In other words, if he had enough for one chicken, now he will have enough for two chickens. The theme is the following. Because of the conflict with UkraineRussia was blocked from all international money transfers. They have not found how to get the money out of Russia. Rayados and Russians have a month to find a way to get the money out, ”he said in the Commentary to the Day.

The president of Monterey, Duilio Davinoconfirmed the proposal of Russia by mounts by 10 million dollarswhich both parties were already analyzing and negotiating the terms.

“Yes. There is an offer that we are analyzing, evaluating. Sporting, obviously. we don’t want him to go, but if it was or is Caesar’s will, then we are reviewing it. And yes, it is a good thing for everyone. Not sure, but we’re working on it. I don’t know. Registration closes on September 5. We are reviewing the offer,” she commented.

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