Rayados analyzes the sale of César Montes to Russia, he fears the United States!

Monterey, NL /

Because Russia continues its attacks on Ukraine, USA and other governments implemented sanctions on those companies that had business with that country led by Vladimir Putin; This situation is not entirely clear, so scratched analyzes if when making a transaction with the dynamo moscowThey could get into a conflict.

This detail and others are those that are analyzed by the Monterey in the possible sale of Cesar Monteswell the gang he just wants all parties involved to win.

“The offer is and is being analyzed, not only the amount of it is being reviewed, but also situations of financial issues and other things, we have not advanced much, but we are working on it to see if it can be done or not.”

“César is obviously interested in listening, in reviewing and if it is good for him and for everyone, he is available to explore,” said Davino, who confirmed that the offer came from Russia.

When questioned about the possible punishments that the United States could apply for doing business with Russia, Davino pointed out:

“Those are parts of what is being reviewed.”

To conclude, the leader made it clear that they could seek to keep a part of Montes’ percentage, to have an extra income for some future sale or, to have the right of return to the MX League.

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