Raphy Pina’s emotional message on Father’s Day: “See you soon” | Others

Producer Rafael “Raphy” Pina Nieves reappeared this morning on social networks to share an emotional message on the occasion of Father’s Day.

Along with two images, one of them in a prisoner’s uniform, Pina Nieves dedicated a few words to her four children.

“For a moment the kisses and hugs stopped. For a moment they stopped watching them grow. For a moment they stopped being able to laugh together. For a moment they stopped raising them doing evil things to him. What has never stopped is thinking of you all the time and feeling the purest love that a father can feel for his children, ”says the letter.

He also expressed: “I love you too much and I thank you for making me the happiest dad in the world.”

Raphy Pina invites his followers to write to him in jail

“See you soon. I will never stop fighting for you, ever. I miss them,” she concluded.

A few weeks ago, the producer was sentenced to 41 months in prison and three years of probation. On December 22, Pina Nieves was found unanimously guilty by a jury for two serious charges against him: possession of an illegal weapon and possession of a machine gun. This is Pina Nieves’ second conviction, after he pleaded guilty in 2015 to bank fraud.

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