Rafael Arias leaves the Intrant with a management marked by the bus corridors

Santo Domingo, DR.

Rafael Ernesto Arias is a native of El Llano, Elías Piña province, and served as Executive Director of the National Institute of Transit and Transportation (Intrant) until the night of Wednesday, August 3.

On August 17, 2020, through decree 348-20, he was appointed by President Luis Abinader as executive director of Intrant, a measure that generated disagreements due to his past as leader of Conatra, one of the strongest unions in land transport and whom he began to regulate with his appointment.

Arias has a degree in Accounting from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), then did a postgraduate degree in Corporate Finance at the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (Intec), in 2000, according to biographical information provided by Intrant.

The entity indicates that he also graduated as a law graduate from the Universidad del Caribe in 2000. The politician was an accounting assistant in the newspaper “El Nacional” and later developed other administrative management positions within the media.

His administration ends marked by the start-up of the bus brokers at the hands of private unions, that generated serious clashes on the route of Charles de Gaulle Avenue, between East and North Santo Domingo, to the point that several passengers and drivers were injured by drivers in the area, who were opposed to the entry into force of that corridor.

Less than a week into the corridor, they had to withdraw nine of their buses after being attacked by members of groups from the transportation sector. Not even the promise of President Luis Abinader of “not leaving out” the “concho” drivers, managed to alleviate the state of tension and conflict between the drivers of the routes that run parallel on Charles de Gaulle avenue.

In these years, the Núñez de Cáceres avenue corridor and the Jacobo Majluta-Winston Churchill avenue were put into operation.

Arias, in 2016, was a legislator representing the Elías Piña province in the Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic.

He served as general manager of the National Confederation of Transport Organizations (Conatra), one of the largest associations within the driver’s union.

When President Abinader appointed the official in the Intrant, the citizens expressed their approval due to his work in the transportation unions.

With the appointment of Arias in 2020, Senator Antonio Marte assured that the problems of the transportation sector would be resolved in the country, a difficult goal to achieve for this former manager of Conatra with the short time he was in office: one year and 11 months.

During this period, in addition to the conflicts over the start-up of new corridors on several of the capital’s main roads, citizens complained about the increase of up to RD$900 that he made in the prices of the services offered in that entity a few months after his appointment.

Likewise, a conflict that he had to face was the situation between taxis and drivers of the Uber application in the East of the country. In April, an agreement was signed between government institutions to create a working table, in order to finalize the Regulation of Taxi Transportation Services, as well as work on a resolution that complements its regulatory framework.

While the implementation of the points-based driver’s license system remained pending.

For Arias, Hugo Beras, who in recent months has been part of President Abinader’s Transportation Cabinet, will hold the position at the Inttrant.

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