Raed Arafat: There are still tanks with leaks in Crevedia. They are followed by firefighters until the gas runs out.

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Raed Arafat says there are still tanks with leaks in Crevedia and firefighters are watching them until the gas runs out. Photo: Inquam Photos / George Kalin

Raed Arafat spoke on Monday evening on Digi24 about the explosions in Crevedia. The head of the DSU explained the intervention of firefighters and said that liquefied gas continues to flow from the tanks, and firefighters control this process. The situation will end when the gas runs out, he said. “The risk is minimal. Firefighters, if they feel something, will lead to the use of evacuation and containment measures at a greater distance,” Arafat added.

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Raed Arafat: Crevedia still has cisterns with very little leakage. Small leaks are controlled by firefighters until they are completely fixed. It is very difficult to interfere with them. It’s risky.

Then the situation must be drained and completed.

I understand that this is the one with a major leak, but there are others. The explosion could have been much stronger if other tanks had exploded, so the cooling operation during the fire was extremely important, especially since it was impossible to put out this fire.

This fire does not go out, because at the time of extinguishing the liquefied petroleum gas is heavier, flows and remains on the ground for some time, and any source of fire leads to explosions.

Letting the fire burn, but cooling the surrounding tanks, was the usual approach.

Due to the fact that the robots arrived at once, this reduced the impact of the firefighters, and some of them were pushed even further, otherwise we could have had more serious problems with this explosion.

The leak is now under control. According to estimates I heard yesterday from a firefighter colleague, it could take two days. Let’s see if that’s the case, or if it lasts longer.

The territory there is controlled, there is no traffic.

At the moment there is no serious risk. The risk is minimal. Firefighters, if they feel something, will conduct an evacuation and containment measures at a greater distance.

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