Putri Pinkan Mambo is persecuted by her stepfather: she ordered to “try”

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03.08.2023 21:15 WIB

Jakarta, Insertlive

MA, the daughter of Pinkan Mambo, has recently been in the public eye. He spoke openly about being sexually harassed by his stepfather, Steve Vantania.

More recently, in a YouTube conversation, Dr. Richard Lee, MA revealed that Pinkan Mambo’s husband once told him to try his life force. However, since at that time M.A. was still 12 years old, he did not know that Steve Wantania meant oral sex. Suddenly, the Supreme Court immediately rejected Steve Wantania’s order because he was disgusted by the sight of his stepfather’s genitals.

“He told me to enter the room and then took off his pants and took out his genitals. And he told me to “try” (his sex),” said M.A., Pinkan Mambo’s daughter, during a YouTube conversation by the doctor. channel. Richard Lee.

“But since I was there as a child, at the age of 12, I did not understand what it was. And I thought it was the genitals that he spat out of the urine. , I said “Nohe continued, unable to hold back his tears at the memory of this incident.

M.A. admitted that he did not tell Pinkan Mambo about what happened to him. M.A. believed that her mother learned about this disgusting case from the court.

“I didn’t tell Mami about it in detail. But maybe she already knew that from the court,” he said.

Initially, the Supreme Court revealed the depraved actions of Steve Vantania on the YouTube channel of Nadia Alaydrus. At that time M.A. said she was sexually harassed by her stepfather after she finished showering. M.A. didn’t know Steve Wantania was in the room.

Ma admitted that he was shocked when Steve suddenly insulted him.

“I take a shower, that’s right, I take a shower and go out with a towel. Then, because at the time my wardrobe was in Mami’s room, right, so I finished showering and went to Mami’s. room and there, because I knew that my situation was only the two of me and my brother and my younger brothers and sisters. Sister, right. So there is no one else at home,” said MA on the YouTube channel of Nadia Alaydrus.

“But it turns out it’s like the mattress is behind the closet, and suddenly my husband, Mami, is there. And that’s where it happened, and when it first happened, I was really shocked,” he concluded.


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