Pure emotion! Pampita shared the moment when Roberto García Moritán gave her the plaza bench from the movie Notting Hill

The life of Carolina Ardohain It is characterized by being quite busy. From the recordings of one program to another, carrying out campaigns with brands, trips for work and also having her family in charge, it is not easy, but the host knows how to organize her day to day. But she occasionally leaves room for surprises or so she showed in her series.

As usual, LAM gave a preview of the latest episode of Being Pampita, the reality show found on Paramout+. Pia Shaw showed the conclusion of what was the surprise gift he planned Roberto Garcia Moritan for his wife’s birthday.

In the previous chapter they told the politician’s plan and the details he took into account so that the host of El Hotel de los Famosos would not suspect anything. What she had in mind was to give him the iconic wooden bench from the movie Notting Hill, which is his favorite. Carolina. “I have been redoubling the bet on surprises holiday after holiday and I set my own challenges”confessed Garcia Moritan.

In this new snippet, they showed the driver’s long-awaited reaction to this special gift. pampita was at home, accompanied by some friends, while Robert He was waiting for the person in charge of taking the bank to his home. Since she was there, he had to be very inconspicuous so that she wouldn’t notice what was happening.

Once the politician settled him in the patio, he asked his wife to accompany him to see something and asked her to close her eyes. “The girls told me it’s a dishwasher”Told him pampita, to which her husband jokingly said yes. After passing through the house, they reached the patio where the driver found a huge box that covered the surprise.

“It is spectacular”said pampita while at the same time he screamed with excitement when he realized that it was the bench from his favorite movie. “My love, you are a genius. You can’t make such good gifts”, she thanked her husband. When they finished unwrapping it, they put it in one place and sat down to enjoy this romantic moment together.

“What I like about the bank is the meaning behind it”expressed Carolina. The couple remained seated, she laid her head on his legs and they recreated the iconic scene starring Julia Roberts Y Hugh grant.

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