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Julio Avelino Comesaña is a strategist fully prepared to win any team. His well-known experience and the complete knowledge he has of Junior de Barranquilla, a team that does run against the Uruguayan, ended up harming him in a game of vital importance in the year 2022.

Although they managed to keep the classification at eight beating Jaguares and waiting for the favorable result of Nacional’s draw against La Equidad, Julio Avelino Comesaña’s decisions were evident in the final of the BetPlay Cup against Millonarios in his visit to Nemesio Camacho. Campín with the aggregate in his favor for the 1-0 achieved at the Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez.

A very fast court that could help Junior because the pressure was from Millonarios to overcome the global hurt the Barranquilla players. Julio Comesaña brought out a curious lineup, after he criticized Juan Cruz Real who played with three central defenders and two wide-open wingers. The charrúa arranged a list determined to defend himself with a well-marked line of five, and, in addition, improvising with José Ortiz as right back. If he wanted to at least attack a little, he could have lined up Walmer Pacheco who didn’t add minutes in the final.

In the Saque Largo de Win Sports program, they analyzed the match played in the Colombian capital. Millonarios beat Junior, a team that really preferred to defend itself and not attack, because Álvaro Montero had little effort to make during the 90 minutes. Sheyla García was the most emphatic in maintaining her idea that Junior and Julio Avelino Comesaña did everything possible to stay with the runner-up starting from the lineup that the Uruguayan had, the commitment walk and the strategist’s press conference.

Sheyla García commented, “sad with the face that you see on José Hugo (Illera), the brave come to put their faces that way, and when they lose so ugly, Junior showed that he was going to be the runner-up in the Cup when he took the payroll, confirmed it when the match started and authenticated it when Comesaña went to the press conference”. So of course, and it really isn’t wrong, because Julio took out an improvised lineup, yes, with some casualties, but Junior’s payroll isn’t enough to lose in such a way. They did not attack, for which the idea was harmed, although they wanted to defend themselves.

And the worst, at the press conference, Julio Avelino Comesaña took out the umbrella saying that the important thing was to get into the fight for the BetPlay League 2022-II. Also, he maintained that with all the casualties they had, little or nothing could be expected on the court, really poor statements and, in fact, he left a controversial message, “one should be required to be a champion when he is ready to be a champion” , poisoning the process of Juan Cruz Real, but in the end, it was Julio who directed this final.

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