Psychological action Atlas Fallen from the developers of The Surge

Psychological action Atlas Fallen from the developers of The Surge
2023.08.03 19:10 Game Mecca reporter Kim Hyun-jung

▲ Representative image of the Fallen Atlas (photo source: Focus Entertainment official website)

Known for The Surge and Lord Of The Fallen series, Deck 13 has been praised for its piece-breaking elements, soulful style, and intense action. This time around, this deck 13 is back in Atlas Fallen, a new open-world RPG that deviates from the linear soul-like style that was previously shown. The game will release on August 11th. At the time of its first release, it was considered one of the most anticipated works due to its beautiful desert backdrop and fast-paced action. Now that the release is nearing, let’s see what kind of game it will be.

▲ Atlas Fallen gameplay video (video source: Deck 13 official YouTube channel)

Atlas, a desert world destroyed by a corrupt sun god

Atlas Fallen is set in Atlas, a desert where a cataclysm has destroyed civilization. The landscape is beautiful, but it has a sad history. Talos, the corrupt god of the sun, dominated humanity by devouring the life energy called Essence and the earth dried up and became a desert. Because of the power of the gods, only a few of those loyal to the gods lived in prosperity, and the rest live as nameless slaves.

The protagonist was born as a nameless slave in the Atlas. While exploring the desert, he finds himself in a strange space where he finds a gauntlet that can manipulate sand. You can become a “gauntlet wearer” who harnesses this power and experience the process of leading slaves and organizing a revolution against Talos.

Various characters appear in the Atlas, such as slaves and nobles, and each region has its own history and its own faction. Thanks to the introductory video of the game, we were able to confirm the camps of fighters and soldiers that protect the Empress, but it is assumed that this is a hostile force, since the protagonist appeared as a being against God. In addition, there are several towns in the Atlas where other characters live, and you can complete side quests by receiving requests from the inhabitants. In addition, online co-op play is supported, so you can play through the entire campaign with friends, including story progression and exploration.

▲ Talos, god of the sun (photo source: Focus Interactive official YouTube channel)
▲ The protagonist who found the glove (photo source: YouTube Focus Interactive official photo)
▲ Worshiper of the god Talos (photo source: Focus Interactive official YouTube channel)

Psychic action of sand using gloves

The key to playing Atlas Fallen is moving quickly while using gloves. First of all, you can use the movement ability of the gloves to explore different areas of the desert. Using your psychic abilities, you can run quickly across the sand, as well as jump and fly in the air. The game also features puzzles that are solved with this movement ability.

Combat is also fought using weapons made from gauntlets. This is a reinforcement method by attaching sand to the original weapon. There are various types of weapons such as the Dune Cleaver Axe, the Sandwhip and the Knuckle Dust Fist Weapon. The Basics are a fast but weak weak attack and a rather slow but high attack power. In addition, the light attack and heavy attack buttons can activate various combat skills.

▲ Sand surfing using glove magic (photo source: official YouTube Focus Interactive photo)
▲ An ax and a whip that can be made from sand (photo source: YouTube Focus Interactive official image)

Combat pursues rapid development without blockages in general. First, there is no consumption bar like stamina, so you can use attacks or combat skills all the time. In addition, you can dodge attacks with air jumps or dashes, or defend against enemy attacks with moves that harden your body. All attacks and moves can be used in the air, giving you more freedom of action.

In addition, to double the sensation of speed, Momentum is added, a special stat that accumulates during combat. As momentum builds up, the defense decreases, but the character’s attack power increases, and special attacks and powerful ranged attacks can be used.

▲ Momentum Gauge (photo source: Focus Interactive official YouTube channel)
▲ Attack range increases and becomes stronger (Photo source: YouTube Focus Interactive official shot)

In addition, when the momentum value increases, the weapon created by the gauntlet evolves, and when filled to the maximum, you can use the powerful Destruction special move. The special move also has a different shape for each weapon, and the Dune Cleaver ax coats the ax with pulsed energy, turning it into a huge hammer, and then strikes it for massive damage.

You can also use Essence Stone, a skill that is divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels depending on the amount of momentum required. Essence Stones consist of active and passive ones for each level, and up to 3 can be freely equipped. Passive skills are automatically activated when the momentum bar is full and provide various buffs such as increased defense or increased attack power. Active skills have a cooldown, level 1 can be used without a boost gauge, and level 3 skills are powerful, but the boost gauge must be filled up to 2 slots. It is also possible to fight using various attacks, such as using skills to summon sandstorms, spin whirlwinds, or throw grenades.

▲ Powerful crushing attack (photo source: YouTube Focus Interactive official shot)
▲ Various skills of essential stones (photo source: Focus Interactive official YouTube channel)
▲ An active skill that slows down the enemy (photo source: YouTube Focus Interactive official photo)

Hunt the huge enemy Sand Wraith and get your loot

The main enemy that the protagonist encounters while exploring the desert is the “Ghost”, born from the sand. They range from small wolves to huge marauder wolves, giant scorpions, and dragon janitors. Small enemies have low HP and simple patterns so they can be dealt with easily, while huge single-named enemies have different attack patterns and have high overall combat power. In addition, there are special objects that attack the player and absorb the impulse sensor.

There are broken pieces and weak points that can be exploited when fighting these giant ghosts. The body of a huge enemy is divided into several parts, and when the health of each part decreases, it is destroyed. Also, there are weak spots with low joints or defenses, so if you attack those areas, you can deal higher damage.

If you destroy parts here, you can get more loot. As loot, you can purchase various essential stones, idols, power-up materials, and armor. The armor can be freely dyed for each piece, and there are decorative elements that change the look. The reinforcement materials are then fused and used to create or enhance the Essence Stone skill.

▲ Marauder, giant wolf ghost (photo source: YouTube Focus Interactive official image)
▲ The enemy unit is visible (photo source: Focus Interactive official YouTube channel)
▲ Prey left after the hunt (photo source: Focus Interactive official YouTube channel)

Atlas Fallen will release on PC (Steam), PS5 and Xbox Series X/S on August 11 and will support Korean.

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