PSG tried to sign Vinicius and offered him a millionaire contract

Florentino Pérez surprised by his clarity in the interview granted to The beach bar. asked by Vinicius (21 years old)the president of Real Madrid revealed that the author of the goal for La 14 had received offers but that the Brazilian has only considered staying. From the club they point out that, of all the proposals, the most impressive and disproportionate came from PSG, although Florentino preferred to ‘save’ the name.

In fact, they claim that Calls to Rio de Janeiro, which already occurred summers ago, have been continuous since November 2021. The message is always repeated, insistently asking the attacker not to renew. For this they gave him a first unattainable figure for Real Madrid and that he will receive from 2024: 40 million euros net per course. This is 12 and four times more than your current and next salary, respectively.

Also included in the talks were promises of a generous transfer bonus and a series of business opportunities in Qatar, from where this matter was managed. Florentino Pérez and José ngel Sánchez highly appreciate that they were aware at all times of the movements. Therefore, the image they have of Vinicius, like Juni Calafat, is impeccable not only at a football and professional level, but also personally and in terms of values.

The Premier also asked about Vinicius

PSG tried by all means to have a face-to-face meeting, but it never happened and the match in the second round of the Champions League did not help. The signals issued by the ’20’, despite the respect and gratitude to his suitor, were understood as not very hopeful within the executives of the French entity. Though the first figure was dizzying and in these negotiations it is not usually the final one, They found that Vinicius’s relationship with Real Madrid was too strong to break. In March, before this scenario, the last contact took place.

The ex of Flamengo considers that Real Madrid is the top, as he remembers almost in every public intervention. That is why he has always repeated to his agents, even at his lowest points, that they would not even transfer the offers that came for him. In the most recent months Liverpool, Chelsea or Manchester United also knocked on his door, all coming up with the same answer.

This is the renewal of Vinicius by Real Madrid

The only possibility that Vinicius would listen to someone from outside was through an initial renewal proposal from Real Madrid that he considered unfair, that would tense the process. But, although in other destinations he could charge more, the Brazilian felt valued and the road to enlargement, which only lacks the sending and review of documents, and the signing, has been in complete harmony.

At the Santiago Bernabu they preferred it to be until 2028, but it has been agreed that it be until 2026 or 2027. In the offices they have accepted the two proposals of the soccer player’s agency, with a clause of 1,000 million: one is for 10 million plus bonuses until 2026 and another for around 12 million until 2027. Very soon, the resolution.

That assumes that they will still go hand in hand for four or five more years, an important time period, and that their situation will be reviewed again in the future. In this way all parties win: Real Madrid will not be conditioned by a disproportionate contract, as has happened with other players, if the footballer does not continue to progress, and Vinicius receive a large salary (10 million euros plus bonus), with the possibility of increasing it if you go up another step.

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