Protest against granting Russian citizens additional time to take an exam in the Latvian language

Daniel Trey

organizer of the event, head of the Permitted Technology Society

“I work with them myself. I was an employee of the State Educational Content Center, accepted applications and saw the attitude. They say: “We too, after the tick. We will not do anything further. Let’s pay the state tax and that’s it!” I don’t think such people should be given another two years.”

Even before the start, a Russian-speaking man, dissatisfied with the idea of ​​the action, was forced to leave the event, accompanied by the police. The rest of the protest passed peacefully, chanted slogans and sang, held posters reading “Learn or collect” and others.

Of course, this place of protest was not chosen by chance. People gather here on Friday afternoon, including after the great basketball victory of our team over Spain, in front of the building of the Ministry of the Interior. Which is the main body of the country in matters of migration, security and others.

“The very first rules were adopted in a hurry, without defining specific points. This is both confusing for people who are supposed to take the exam, and infuriates and annoys people. Now there is again talk about the rules, which will cause even more bewilderment and indignation,” Liga says.

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“I am not Latvian, but I respect this language and this country. Must know Latvian. If we all speak our native language, then who needs a national language? Can we get along? Each of us can speak our own language at home,” says Wanda.

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