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The peace and security of the citizenry must prevail.

Due to the level of criminal activity that various areas of Guayas, ManabĂ­ and Esmeraldas had been experiencing, President Guillermo Lasso decreed a state of emergency for 60 days on April 29. This time, the resource is used for 30 days to protect Pichincha, Imbabura and Cotopaxi, provinces where the Conaie strike threatens to radicalize, putting at risk the safety of citizens and the operation of strategic sectors.

Presidential decree 455 also establishes that Quito is a security zone, in anticipation that the capital will not be attacked again as in October 2019, when the people of Quito experienced several days of anxiety due to violent acts against people and property during the indigenous protest. . However, the National Assembly is considering revoking it.

The president of the legislature reported that he received the request to deal with the repeal of the decree signed by 72 assembly members of Correismo, Pachakutik and the Democratic Left, which is why he called the plenary session for today, first thing in the morning. As a second point, it is expected to summon the presidents of the functions of the State and the social leaders for a meeting that seeks a way out of the crisis.

Unlike Yunda in 2019, now Mayor Santiago Guarderas asks that Quito be protected. He delivered a letter to the president of the National Assembly, blaming the consequences of leaving defenseless legislators who support the repeal of decree 455 and appealed to his civic and patriotic spirit.

Most of the seventeen million Ecuadorians want peace of mind to work for reactivation after the pandemic affected everyone. Groups of citizens, themselves in a peaceful manner, have gathered in sit-ins to express their rejection of those who seek to impose their positions with violence.

The peace and security of the citizenry must prevail. If legislators can’t understand that, it means they don’t represent their constituents. (EITHER)

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