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The new reinforcement of Prosteev was the 37-year-old defender Vojtech Kloz. Two weeks ago, he came to Hanau for an exam, which ended up being a success.

“We were looking for another strong defender in our defensive formations. Vojta was a test when we played in the tournament and thanks to our performances and attitude we won the contract,” says head coach Martin Strba.

“We are very happy that we have reached an agreement, he is a very experienced and reliable player,” he adds.


Vojtech Kloz

defender, 37 years old

” href=”″>Kloz has 82 extra league matches and 153 chances league matches. He has also worked in Hungary, France, England or Poland. – from this country he even has a degree.

“We were looking for another strong defender in our defensive formations. Vojta took part in testing when we played in the tournament, and thanks to his performance and attitude, we won the contract.”

For the past decade, he has mainly played abroad, last year he returned to the Czech Republic and participated in Znojmo’s promotion to the first league (35 games, 2+19 in the regular season). He also helped Sokolov in three matches.

It was in Banica that he met coach Strba.

“The coach knows me well, I have already played several games under him, and he wanted me to show myself to the owner. It was important for him to know what to expect from me and what I can do for the team,” Kloz himself told the club’s website.

“The priority was to stay in the Czech Republic, because I had been abroad for a long time. Here I will at least have the opportunity to go home to the children with a friend and the whole family. I can see them, and they will see me on the ice,” he smiles.

And one thing is clear. Kloz will command respect, but his height is 190 centimeters, and his weight is about 110 kilograms.

Current line-up of LHK Jestřábi Prostějov

The keeper: Yaroslav Pavelka, Marek Stipchak.

Defenders: Martin Penczyk, Alesh Poledna, Tomasz Hanousek, Piotr Szydlik, Lukasz Forman, Tomasz Drtil, Piotr Krejci, Vojtech Kloz.

Attackers: Wilem Burian, Petr Hasek, Jakub Illes, Tomasz Jachym, Tomasz Jiranek, Jan Maruna, David Ostrzyzhek, Jan Slanina, Matousz Venkrbek, Jan Vesely, Jiri Fronk, Marek Raczuk, Petr Antonichek, Zdenek Dolezhal.

Marek Shtipchak (G, Gavirzhov)
Tomas Hanusek (Oh, Pardubice B)
Lukasz Foreman (Oh Trebic)
Tomasz Drtil (Oh, Sumperk)
Petr Kreychi (Oh, Tabor)
Petr Shidlik (Oh, Zilina, SVK2)
Jiri Fronk (U, Jihlava)
Petr Antonichek (U, Gavirzhov)
Marek Raczuk (U, Krakow, Poland)
Zdeněk Doležal (U, České Budějovice)
Vojtech Kloz (Oh, Znojmo)

Josef Nemechek (G, Letnany)
Robin Stanek (Oh Vsetin)
Jan Bartko (Oh, Znojmo)
Daniel Malak (Oh, Pilsen)
Jakub Kubesh (O, Nitra, SVK)
Yakub Gamshik (Oh, ?)
Tomas Valenta (Oh, Gavirzhov)
Roman Vlah (U, Zlin)
Filip Jansa (Yu, Pilsen)
Tomasz Yandus (U, Vsetin)

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