Prince Harry is permanently excluded from the royal family. King Charles conceded

Prince Harry is facing new challenges. King Charles believes that Queen Elizabeth would be very upset by the attitude of Meghan’s husband and that it is impossible to be a part-time member of the royal family.

Prince Harry has been warned that his father, King Charles and Prince William, will no longer recognize his concurrent royal status. Harry and Meghan Markle have retained their titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex but have lost their Royal Highness status.

After moving to the US, the British demanded that Harry and Meghan be stripped of their titles. Tom Quinn, author of Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family, said even King Charles can’t take the pressure anymore.

He explained: “They are not very happy with this situation. The whole insistence between King Charles and Prince William is that you can’t go against the late queen’s firm belief that you can’t be a part-time member of the royal family.”

The author also said that the royal family cannot come to terms with the departure of Harry and Meghan. And their dissolute life in the US could affect Buckingham Palace. He stated that even Queen Elizabeth would not be satisfied with her grandson’s attitude.

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Prince Harry would disappoint Queen Elizabeth

“I don’t think Charles and William would agree to this just because Elizabeth hated the idea,” Tom Quinn added.

Queen Elizabeth promised that “my whole life, short or long, will be devoted to your service.”

The author of the book also stated that Meghan’s husband risks “drawing the royal family into the American way of life.”

Americans would also not have reacted too well to the decisions of William’s brother William and Meghan. In the poll, only 26 percent said they were in favor of keeping the two’s status unchanged. 28 percent “do not know” whether the king should take steps to strip them of these titles.

The survey was conducted after the publication of Spare’s book. According to, in an earlier poll, 43 percent of American respondents said Charles and Meghan’s son deserved to remain the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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