Price of the dollar today Thursday, peso starts session without changes

Today, Thursday, November 24, 2022, the dollar trades at 19.3588 pesos per unit with an upward trend in real time. According to the last report of the Banxicothe dollar closed yesterday Wednesday at 19.3579 pesos per unit.

According to the economist Gabriela Siller, the peso begins the session without changes compared to Wednesday’s close, trading at 19.36 pesos per dollar, with the exchange rate reaching a minimum of 19.3381 and a maximum of 19.3713 pesos per dollar.

Price of the dollar in banks mexicans:

  • Bank of Mexico: Buy $19.3579 Sell: $19.3579
  • HSBC: Buy: $19.03 – Sell: $19.76
  • Banamex: Buy: $18.76- Sell: $19.89
  • Bancomer: Buy: $18.83 – Sell: $20.73
  • Banorte: Buy: $18.31 – Sell: $19.70
  • Scotiabank: Buy: $18.97 – Sell: $19.69
  • IXE: Buy: $18.29 – Sell: $19.72
  • Bajio Bank: Buy: $19.61 – Sell: $20.69
  • Monex: Buy: $18.92 – Sell: $20.33
  • Azteca Bank: Buy: $20.14- Sell: $20.91
  • Inbursa: Buy: $19.02- Sell: $20.00
  • Santander: Buy: $19.54 – Sell: $21.07
  • Exchange: Buy: $19.45 – Sell: $20.45
  • Banregio: Buy: $19.20 – Sell: $20.70

As for the bitcoinat this moment it is at $16,489 with an upward trend in real time.

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Referring to euroit is quoted at $20.17 pesos, for $23.47 pesos of the pound sterling overall average.

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