PREVENTIVE MEDICINE: Effectiveness and consensus in the protocolization and coordination of procedures

After the passage of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for preventive medicine and public health services where they played a prominent role in the management of COVID-19 cases within health professionals. In the year in which care in hospitals has gradually returned to normal, the A Coruña University Hospital Complex (CHUAC) has won the recognition of the BiC Award for the best Preventive Medicine and Public Health service 2022.

Maria Jose Pereira Rodriguezhead of the Occupational Health Preventive Medicine Service-UPRL, celebrates that his service has obtained such an award and highlights the work of preventive medicine as a central service and that responds to the demands of other units.

“It is a very coordination and consensus activity and we also have the problem that the result of our work is the non-occurrence of adverse events or complications, which makes it more difficult to show all the work that has been done”

Maria Jose Pereira RodriguezHead of the Occupational Health Preventive Medicine Service-UPRL.

Therefore, it indicates that the BiC award will serve to make visible the activity of the service and to understand that things are trying to be done well and are on the right track.

Putting the focus on this last year, Pereira has stressed that The service’s greatest effort has been made in the protocolization and coordination of all procedures related to COVID-19. And it is that, with the frequent changes of recommendations and procedures both at the Ministry level and by the councils, “it was non-stop”.

Preventive Medicine and Public Health Service.

A time where they had to work in a network and be clear about the procedures and recommendations were in force so that there was no quality leap in their activity.

In addition, María José Pereira highlights the communicationboth within the organization and with the population, as one of the biggest challenges, having to explain the reason for the situation, the different measures, the reason for the changes or the criteria on which these were based.

Advances in quality and future projects

In relation to the last advances in quality in patient care, the head of the Occupational Health Preventive Medicine Service highlights two. First of all, the epidemiological surveillance regarding multiresistant germs as healthcare-associated infections in all hospitalized patients. And in second place, the participation of the preventive medicine service in the quality certification in the sterilization unit“something that gives guarantee and security to both professionals and patients”.

According to Pereira, the immediate future will involve returning to resume with the same intensity the entire portfolio of servicesfor example, in issues such as vaccination, epidemiological surveillance or environmental biosafety control.

Maria Jose Pereira RodriguezHead of the Occupational Health Preventive Medicine Service-UPRL.

“These two years, due to the situation of the pandemic, perhaps we have left routine security programs that we have to resume“, Explain.

To which he adds that “they will continue working on epidemiological surveillance and their challenge is to be agile in informing professionals and patients about situations that may be risky in terms of environmental biosafety and patient biosafety”.

In the words of GSK, sponsoring this award: we are proud to sponsor the BIC Award for the best Preventive Medicine and Public Health Service and thereby support both the public display of the specialtysuch as recognition of the extraordinary work carried out by the professionals of these services in disease prevention and health promotion, activities that, in the hospital setting, include the management of communicable diseases, the vaccination of immunocompromised patients or in special situations and the prevention and surveillance of hospital infections, among many others.

Relive the BiC 2022 awards gala

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