Press and footballers support Maynor Figueroa: ‘We must not be badly grateful, we must respect him’ – Ten

The good things done by Maynor figueroa for almost two decades they were absorbed by many fans who poked against the captain of the Honduras national team after his mistakes in the elimination match against Panama that left us out, practically, of the Qatar World Cup.

Soccer, like everything in life, hits hard, especially against those who seek a common good that sometimes, due to destiny, do not reach the goal, to which the outsiders, in their frustration, look for immediate culprits and pointed out, with recent football arguments, to someone who always showed his face when few dared to do so.

WATCH: Maynor Figueroa, the iron man and captain of Honduras who closes a dream cycle in the National Team

Maynor He suffered this from the national fans, and even from some journalists, who ask for his imminent departure from the Catracho team even though with his 38 years old he did not refuse to defend the five-star flag despite the fact that the situation was almost irremediable and that his seniority, his most criticized cross, could weigh.

However, figures involved in football do not forget what was done by Figueroa, one of the greatest legends of our football in history and an exemplary leader who will leave a huge void when he is absent, and they backed him up against his detractors and comments that struck him down after a night into oblivion.

“We must not be badly appreciated and have a short memory”, “We must respect his impeccable career”, “Maynor must be treated with respect”, were the words of journalists and former players who supported the Honduran captain who was disheartened once the game was over. match against Panama, possibly his last at home as a national team.


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