“President Abinader has never intended to lead me in anything”

The Attorney General of the Republic, Miriam Germán Brito, said this Tuesday that President Luis Abinader she has never been approached or called to direct her around her duties.

“President Abinader has never intended to lead me in anything, I have not received a message from him, he has not communicated any interest of his and that is an unusual question among us,” said the magistrate when she was the guest speaker at the activity of the Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (Amchamdr).

He said that the challenge they have faced is restoring public trust without being carried away by criminal populism.

“From the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, I have tried to ensure that the Public Ministry complies with the social demand of persecuting corruption and organized crime,” he said.

He stressed that one of the main demands of Dominican society is the prosecution of administrative corruption, the prosecution of government criminality.

“One of the most difficult challenges for the Public Ministry because it is usually marked by criticism of the alleged partisan persecution with which it is intended to disarm any scrutiny of the management of the public official,” he said.

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