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We are close to reliving the iconic adventure of Joel and Ellie through the The Last of Us series on HBOsince this long-awaited premiere is scheduled for the next January 16. For the moment, we know that this is a proposal that rules out replicating all game features Y Limit violence to only those scenes where it is most essentialso we are not surprised to learn that users are curious to know how this post-apocalyptic world will translate to the small screen.

The first chapter of the The Last of Us series on HBO will last 1 hour and 25 minutes.

While some of you may be looking at the weekend of January 16 as an opportunity to spend time on The Last of Us series, you might be interested in picking up a bag of popcorn to go along with the show. After all, it turns out that the first chapter of the production will last for 1 hour and 25 minutestime that will be used to publicize the characteristics of the world created by Naughty Dog.

This data is confirmed from the HBO application itself (via DonTheBomb on Twitter), where the release date of The Last of Us series is reiterated, the genres to which it belongs and the duration of the initial episode. It is unknown if this trend will continue throughout production, or if it is something exclusive to the first chapter due to all the information it deals with.

More details of The Last of Us series on HBO

In the event that you are looking forward to the premiere of The Last of Us series on HBO, you will probably be happy to know that those responsible for the project have respected the original voices of the actors who participated in the Spanish dubbing. Therefore, Lorenzo Beteta will be in charge of interpreting Joel in Spanish, while Mary White will play Ellie. Other professionals already known to the players such as Claudio Serrano (Tommy) or cochi lopez (Tess).

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