Premiere smart watch with this Xiaomi Mi Watch (almost) to the minimum

If you haven’t decided on any smartwatch yet or are just thinking of switching, this offer might interest you. It turns out that the popular model Xiaomi Mi Watch is in these moments almost at black friday price, at which time it reached its historical low, so that you can get a very popular smartwatch at a knockdown price and even receive it at home tomorrow. Are you interested? Well, we give you all the details.

My Watch at the best price

Xiaomi products are characterized by offering very good results at really reasonable prices, but when we can find them even cheaper, they become even more attractive, don’t you think? That is why you may now be looking at the Mi Watch with different eyes, a watch with Android, AMOLED screen and oxygen level measurement (among other niceties) whose price has fallen to the €89.99 -On Black Friday it was at a minimum for 85 euros. Tea you save thus 40 euros (31%).

If you want to get hold of it, the steps are simple: click on the link below, put the watch in your bag (available in beige at that price) and proceed with the purchase before it flies – trust us, it will.

If you are from Amazon Prime, the watch can reach you morning same for free -as long as you place the order in the next 4 hours-, being by the way a product shipped and sold by Amazon.

A great watch with everything you need

With an official price of 129.99 euros, the Xiaomi Mi Watch is an interesting option within the segment of smart watches with Android. So enjoy a round type screen AMOLED with a size of 1.39 inches (its density is 326 dpi and it has always-on), offers GPS connectivity and boasts a long battery life of 16 days.

Its body is quite light (32 grams, so it is very comfortable on the wrist) and allows customization with the support of more than 100 different screens with animations and other images. Is waterproof (withstands dives of up to 50 meters) and includes more than 115 different sports activities. Don’t forget about heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, stress status monitoring (with breathing training app to relieve physical and mental stress) and blood oxygen monitoring, one of the most demanded features currently by those looking for a smart watch.

Xiaomi MiWatch

You will also receive notifications from your mobile phone, through which you can configure many more aspects of the watch thanks to the app Xiaomi Wear.

A fairly round and well balanced watch that you can now get at a fantastic price. Don’t think about it too much.

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