Premiere movies and series to watch on Christmas weekend

December 25, 2022, 5:06 PM

December 25, 2022, 5:06 PM

This long Christmas weekend is not only a time to meet up with family, friends and go for walks, it is also the opportunity to relax at home watching movies or a series. Here we give you a list of the best alternatives available in streaming.

“Emily in Paris”, season 3

The new season of the series starring Lilly Collins can already be seen on Netflix since December 21 and shows us the young publicist in the midst of two dilemmas. On the one hand, she will have to choose whether to stay at the company that helped her fulfill her dream of working in the French capital or join the venture that your former office mates have created. On the other hand, love also presents you with two paths. Alfie or Gabriel? There are ten chapters in which we will discover what decisions he will make and what consequences they will have in the story that he has for a long time.

“Alice in Borderland”, season 2

After the success of “The Squid Game” many saw common elements in this Japanese series with the Korean drama. Above all, because its plot also revolves around a group of people who must play a game from which many will not come out alive. The story, which can already be seen on Netflix since December 22, is based on a manga, the second season has taken two years to see the light and it has already created many expectations among its followers.

The sequel to “Top Gun”, from the 80s, brings back Tom Cruise as the protagonist and must-see action images. After its successful passage through movie theaters, it reaches streaming and in Bolivia it can be seen through Star+. The story features Maverick, who has 30 years of service, is now an instructor for military pilots. One last mission, one final sacrifice, forces this master of the skies to face the open wounds of the past. and your deepest fears.

“Matilda: The Musical”

Roald Dahl’s popular book was made into a movie in 1996 by Danny DeVito. It was so successful that years later in 2010 a musical version was made for the theater, which repeated its success. Now, a production that combines both universes arrives with a new cast in which the young Alisha Weir in a starring role and the Oscar-winning Emma Thompson stand out in the role of the evil director Tronchatoro. From this December 25 she can be seen on Netflix

The Spears family dispute is the protagonist of the documentary Britney versus Jamie. Fiction investigates the truth behind everything that has been said about the confrontation between the pop star Britney Spears and his father Jamie Spearswho had guardianship of the singer for 13 years until the end of 2021. It can be seen on HBO Max

A story of innocence, greed and fantasy at a Catholic university for women during the war years. It is a December special that is based on a Christmas letter that Elsa Morante, one of the most famous Italian writers of the 20th century, sent to her good friend Goffredo Fofi, on Christmas 1971. On Disney +

Can an unusual mix-up lead you to meet the love of your life? This film starring Zoey Deutch and Kendrick Sampson and set at Christmas asks us that question. The chemistry between its protagonists is the strongest in history. It can be seen on Amazon Prime.

“Jack Ryan, Season 3”

In the third season of the action-thriller series, Jack Ryan is working as a CIA agent in Rome, when he is informed that Project Sokol, a secret plan to restore the Soviet Empire that had been thought dormant for more than 50 years, is being resurrected. Jack embarks on a mission to confirm the information, but things soon go awry and he finds himself mistakenly implicated in a larger conspiracy.

Accused of treason and wanted, Jack is forced to flee his own government if he is to have any hope of uncovering the rebel group before it’s too late.The series, which can be seen on Amazon Prime, stars john krasinski (The officeArrested Development).

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