PPF Annual Report: I want to prepare our children to take over, says richest Czech Kelner

Photo by Renata Kelnerova in the latest PPF annual report.

Photo by Renata Kelnerova in the latest PPF annual report.
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The annual report of the PPF group every year provides an opportunity to learn more about the direction of the largest Czech investment group. This also applies to last year’s report published by PPF on Monday. In it, the main shareholder Renata Kellnerova expresses her determination to keep the property in family hands. She wrote that her job is to “preserve and prepare our children” to “take over” the legacy of Peter Kellner.

This is the very first indication of what intentions the heirs themselves have regarding Peter Kellner’s multi-billion dollar estate – in addition to the financier’s widow, their three daughters and a son from Kellner’s older relationship. The family fortune was estimated by Forbers magazine at approx. 383 billion crowns. Affairs of a family whose members now jointly own a share in the NPF 98.93 percent of the company usually does not comment.

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