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Pope Francis sent a letter of welcome to the French entrepreneurs who recently met in Paris, saying the economic leader is “a contributor to the public good, a descendant of Saint Joseph the Carpenter.”

(Vatican News Network)“When I think of entrepreneurs, the first word that comes to mind is public good. Entrepreneurs are champions of development and prosperity. You are the main conductors of wealth, prosperity and happiness for all,” wrote Pope Francis. This is what the Address to French Entrepreneurs says. They met on August 28-29 at the Longchamp Racecourse in Paris, where the Pope’s message was read.

In his message, the Pope noted that the media rarely talks about the plight and pain of entrepreneurs whose companies have failed. However, as the book of Job teaches, success is not “synonymous with goodness and goodness” and misfortune is not synonymous with sin. Misfortune befalls the just and the righteous.

The Church understands the pain of a good entrepreneur, accepts him, accompanies him and thanks him. “The Church has supported businessmen from the very beginning,” the Pope said. The Bible and Gospels talk a lot about money and deals, and many good stories about salvation also talk about economics, such as the merchant who found the pearl of great price. Another example: the father in the parable of the prodigal son in Luke is very rich and may be a landowner.

According to the Pope, today the way to participate in the public good is to create jobs, especially for young people. “Believe in youth,” the Pope urged. “Each new job created is wealth that is shared. Wealth does not flow to the bank for interest, but is invested so that new generations can work, so that their lives are better.” worthy.”

A good entrepreneur knows his employees like a good shepherd in the gospel because he understands their work. Dad fears that the entrepreneur is out of touch with his company’s business and therefore “invisible” to his employees. Therefore, the Pope urges entrepreneurs never to lose sight of their vocation: “On that day you were attracted by the smell of your factory, you were delighted to touch your products with your own hands, satisfied to see the benefits of your services. You are like Great Saint Joseph, like Jesus, who was a carpenter for most of his life: “The Word became a carpenter, familiar with the smell of wood.”

In conclusion, the Pope reminded: “Without new entrepreneurs, our land will not be able to withstand the impact of capitalism.”

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