‘Poor recovery’ or ‘initial reopening’, Shushu and Lulu’s return divides

  • Twenty years after the end of the show, TF1 is back. boy girl on the air.
  • In the new version, duets of actors replace Jean Dujardin and Alexandra Lamy and re-act scenes.
  • 20 minutes asked his netizens what they thought of the first night.

Guy, girl and general audience. There are those who have come from Mars and say they are terribly disappointed with the return of the cult show and its sketches to TF1, but without the original Shushu and Lulu, Jean Dujardin and Alexandra Lamy. And there are others who came from Venus, who really liked to see this “classic” of television humor in a new interpretation with new duets: actors and actresses, comedians, TV stars…

But among the opinions collected 20 minutes among Internet users, a third category is emerging, probably the most numerous – “aquoibonistes”. Like Sebestyen: “I don’t see the point in such a program. TF1 helped us with Les Inconnus and Muriel Robin and it sucked every time. Why force people without talent to replay sketches that we have already seen a thousand times on TV. “In the same vein, Natalie” lasted five minutes before falling silent. No, as expected. And finally, to quote Simon, who from the very beginning preferred to boycott: “This humor is very outdated. Sketches have been spinning on all channels for twenty years. It sucks, and the misogynist clichés go away when it’s Dujardin and Lamy, but today when it’s repeated, it’s unsettling. »

Nostalgia or discovery

This criticism explains the low audience estimate for the TF1 Special Evening: 3.32 million viewers by 10:08 p.m. according to the Médiamétrie, or 15.8% of the public. And in the second half of the evening it got even worse. We see that they are disappointed with our call for donations. Like Katherine: “This recovery is terribly disappointing! All the actors disappointed, there was a lack of naturalness … ”Yvette also expected more from this return. boy girl “I did not like these new interpretations, there were no acute situations. It used to be better … “Let’s cover a modest veil with the harshest criticism of new performers who concentrated attacks for someone …

If fans of the original show all praise the talent of the original performers, there are still people who are pleased with TF1’s initiative to re-act these lyrics with a group of new actors. Dominic, for example, claims to have experienced “no nostalgia”. The new couples worked well and I had a lot of fun discovering original and different screen stars. Good time…”

Christina is also delighted, except for one detail: “Great show! We laugh heartily. But because the show starts too late, when we get up at 5 am to go to work, we don’t watch the whole show. »

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