Police to call cable owner in Palmer after Ojol is trapped


Taxi driver Online (ojol) died in a traffic accident when his motorcycle got caught in a dangling cable in Palmer, West Jakarta (Jakbar). The police will call the owner of the cable for clarification.

“Yes, we will call (the owner of the cable) later,” said Agus Suvito, head of legal aid for the West Jakarta Police, on Thursday (03/08/2023).

Agus said the police are currently still investigating the case. He said the victim died in the hospital (RS) after being rushed after the accident.

The incident occurred on Friday (28.07) at 23.00 Moscow time. At the time, the victim, named Vidam, was riding a motorcycle down Jalan Brigyen Katamso Street, Palmera, West Jakarta.

“The only accident was due to a cable crossing in the middle of the road,” AKP Agus Suvito said on Saturday (29/7).

The victim, crossing the location, was caught on a cable hanging from the road. As a result, the victim slipped and fell to the pavement.

“Due to insufficient concentration and caution while crossing the road, a traffic accident occurred due to a collision with a cable crossing the road, causing the driver to fall on the right side,” he said.


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