Police say celebrity Adelia received billions of money from her drug-dealing husband


The Lampung Regional Police have arrested celebrity Adelia Putri Salma on suspicion of her involvement in an international drug ring. Adelia allegedly received a flow of billions of rupees from her husband, Gadhafi alias David, a drug dealer who was arrested by the South Sumatra Regional Police and BNNP on April 26, 2017.

“Adelia confessed that several times she was given billions of rupees in cash, as well as money transfers from her husband. Evidence of the transfer of money can be seen in a savings book found during a search of a house in Jalan Chatur, Lorok Pakjo village, Ilir Barat. 1st district, Palembang” Lampung Police Director, Narcotics Investigator Kombes Erlin Tanjaya, reportedly said. BabySumbagselTuesday (29.08.2023).

Erlin said Adelia was hiding assets related to the crimes of Gaddafi, who is currently serving a sentence in Nusa Kambangan prison. Gaddafi is suspected of continuing his illegal business even while in prison.

There is a suspicion that Adelia received a flow of funds from the drug business.

During the investigation of this case, the police confiscated a number of assets allegedly related to the drug business. The seized assets included houses, convenience stores and cars. Adelia was also taken to the Lampung Regional Police for intensive examination.

“We are asking the court to rule on confiscation,” he said.

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