Police did not act before beating Juan Pablo González – Bogotá

In the middle of the hearing that took place this Tuesday, for the murder of the alleged abuser of hilary castrothe prosecution revealed security videos of the cells of the URI Puente Aranda in which it was seen that there were several police officers in the place, and none of them did anything in the face of the attacks on Juan Pablo Gonzalez.

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According to the prosecutor, the man was not only beaten, but also tortured and forced to drink the urine of the other inmates. Everything, before the eyes of the five accused policemen who, according to the prosecution’s arguments, dragged him from the bathroom on the second floor to cell four where they left him lying.

In the video you can see the moment in which Juan Pablo González was taken to the cells, and as soon as he entered, a subject with a red cap and dark jacket, who was identified by the Prosecutor’s Office as patrolman Mario, hit him.

It is worth mentioning that more than 20 videos were exposed during the hearing, as evidence before the request for a security measure made by the Prosecutor’s Office, against the five police officers accused of allowing the attacks on the alleged abuser in the detention center.

In the videos shown at the hearing, it could be seen that González was beaten by about 10 people, for 27 minutes and that his perpetrators caused him more than 50 injuries throughout his bodyand that he was even tortured and forced to drink the urine of the other inmates.

“They did not cause an alert or a communication to summon the presence of other public servants to control the situation. They did not intervene, they did not oppose, they did not manifest what was happening. On the contrary, they were permissive, they behaved differently from their position, from their role as guarantors,” said the prosecutor in the case in the middle of the hearing.

In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office, to prove his theory, revealed the images from the report of the Institute of Legal Medicine, which show the severe beating that González received and that caused him a slow and torturous death.

In the images exposed by the prosecutor in the case, it is possible to see how the man’s body was left full of bruises, blows, scratches and exposed cuts.


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