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As you already know, Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl, are already available in Nintendo switch. It is about the expected remakes of the fourth generation. However, as is almost always the case, there are features that could have been improved for the occasion, but for one reason or another have not.

Specifically, we refer to the mechanics of the honey trees, so although some improvements have been made, they are still far from perfect and has remained practically unchanged in the remakes. In case you do not know them, they are special trees, yellow in color, exclusive to the Sinnoh region. If you press the button in front of one of them you can extend honey on its bark, so that after time Pokémon appear. Should be expected 6 hours at least for a Pokémon to appear. If a Pokémon appears, it will be at a level between 5 and 15. If you wait too long, 24 hours or more, the honey will dry out and no Pokémon will appear until honey is smeared again and the process is repeated.

These are the details that have been shared:

  • In total there are 21 trees Specials throughout the Sinnoh region where players can use the Honey consumable item. Some Pokémon can only be found using this mechanic.
  • The problem with them was, and still is, the fact that having to spend 6 hours in real life, not only in the game, to be able to find them. The remakes had the perfect opportunity to change this, but decided against it. Manipulating the console clock may seem like a good solution, but it is not, as it has no effect on the trees.
  • Munchlax It was, and still is, unique among the other Pokémon found only in Honey Trees, as it can only be found in four specific trees, each of which changes based on a secret number that is generated during each new match, and which is not revealed to the player. It is the rarest Pokémon that can be found with a 1% chance of appearing.
  • Luckily, Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl made Munchlax easier to find. The remakes made it easy to obtain rare Pokémon that were previously only found in honey trees. Cherubi, Aipom, Combee and Munchlax, four rare Pokémon that fans undoubtedly spent a long time trying to obtain in the originals, can now be found in the Underground Grottoes, Nevertheless, Heracross and Burmy they remain unique to trees. The city map also features a screen that will show players where each honey tree is located, and if they have applied honey to them, if they haven’t, or if there is a Pokémon waiting for them there.
  • One solution would have been to simply change how honey trees work, for example reducing the amount of time between encounters (for example 3 hours or less). Another solution would be add new types of honeyFor example, a form of honey that attracts Pokémon in less time than the standard version would go a long way toward improving honey trees. Better versions could be unlocked the further the players advance in the game, or a honey that attracts some Pokémon better than others. Similar to the statues in the Underground Grottoes, different types could be used to try and get certain Pokémon, even if they only made them slightly more likely.

Finally, it must be remembered that many of the players of the remake of Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl who played the original fourth generation games are now adults, which means more responsibilities and consequently less free time, so many do not have the opportunity to sit every 6 hours to check each tree region of.


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