Pokémon: A well-known leaker hints at what Fuecoco’s final form could be

We have received some interesting information related to one of the most anticipated Switch titles. We are actually talking about Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

Recently Some interesting images related to the final evolution of Fuecoco have been shared, the Fire-type starter Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple. These belong to the well-known leaker Riddler Ku.

Here you can see the Twitter post:

As we can see in the previous image, we are presented with four possibilities in relation to the appearance of the final evolution of the Fire-type initial. According to what Riddler Khu has stated, the first one would be “meh”, the second quite obvious, being a kind of dragon, the third would be a no, while the fourth would be a meme.

He later added that the final option always tends to be “meh”so that Fuecoco could transform into a quadruped.

Notably until the information is confirmed we will not be able to know 100% how it will looktaking into account that there have been other theories such as the one that defended that Fuecoco should transform into a snake due to the continuation of Fire initials related to the Chinese horoscope.

What do you think? Would you like Fuecoco to evolve into a quadrupedal Pokémon? We read you in the comments.


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