Podka Bugyra. But let’s not rush to the European Championship, let’s say so.

Stj, originally from Roudnice nad Labem, parted ways with European teams after the 2022 season following the decision of his owner Martin Koloč. Pitom was one of the best in history, winning eight individual titles. But now he is concentrating on other projects, mainly the Dakar Rally and GT endurance racing. I have a different take on the truck ampionta and other seductress activities, be it the academy or our seductress tribe. If truck racing is in the DNA, then it’s not a priority, Kalivoda admitted.

Ovem Bugyr’s fans are still in esq m, for ten years of existence he built a solar warehouse. Which manifested itself over the weekend in the Bridge.

On Saturday at dawn, the clouds watered people, a billion in our tricks. We were met at the tent, supported on the track. When Adam won, the atmosphere was fantastic, unreal, Kalivoda liked it.

The Czech truck-prix without the darkness of Buggyra ZM Racing and the Czech pilot would have lost some of their luster, so leading the track, the darkness agreed to start a solo rider with fog.

31 200

divk watched Czech Truck Prix weekend in Most

We weren’t supposed to be here at all. “We didn’t want to be part of the European ampiont, we sent all cargo activities to France, to the academy in Nogar, where our project will be very useful,” Kalivoda said. After negotiations with the circuit, we took the Ta Calveta car to the company and tried to invite our fans and people who have been accustomed to seeing trucks for ten years to the exhibition.

And the exhibition, as Bugyra called the flight in addition to the start, howled nramn. Horseshoe. 2017 European champion Lacko won Saturday’s solar handicap race, on Sunday he came in second place, the seducer of children.

Mission Complete! “I got behind the wheel at least once on stage every day,” the seven-year-old pilot rejoiced. I didn’t use emotional feedback in action. I’m a simple seductress, and whatever you put up my ass, I’ll ride. And this weekend everything went like a truck.

Baggier was delighted with Luck’s results. Since we didn’t care, we’d be sorry for any box. Two and a half times more than full on the slopes lived Kalivoda, which was visited by 31,200 women over the entire weekend. We didn’t have a day off, we went to spend the weekend with our fans and partners. It was a goal because we don’t have many activities in the village, but the partner for the prowl is from there.

Whether there will be a track for trucks in Most-Zvody in a year is still unknown. I can’t respect you, we have to evaluate everything. With a full program, this is not easy. There was a clique that in the French ampionte now dra. “And nothing could happen to the car, we didn’t want to jeopardize Calve’s ambitions,” said Kalivoda.

Czech truck prize, ME is in the lead. Jan Kalivoda, Buggyra communications editor.

When Bagheer comes up with something with deadlift, he can set a world flow record. Work on it is underway, we do not want to publish details about the aircraft, it did not disclose the connection.

Even the pilot Lacko will not beg Koloch to return to the Kolote truck. We are all moving towards my lifelong dream of driving the 24 Hours of Le Mans in a GT. Here in Barcelona we have our first full team of twenty-two. It gave me a seductive adrenaline rush.

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